Sunday, September 11, 2011

About us

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About blogfest:

As the title suggests, blogfest is a community for bloggers who love to blog about anything and everything. However, blogfest adds a little more to it. It fuels to your zeal to blog, thereby unleashing the true blogger inside you.

How blogfest works:

Posting each month on blogfest is as simple as the process of updating your own blog.
Blogfest announces a refreshing topic every month and lets all the bloggers to participate in the same under a given deadline.
All you have to do is, read the topic, rack your brains, write something straight from your heart, and submit your blog post link to Mr. Linky who will take care of your post. Not only that. Out of the submitted posts, the best post of the month will be featured on blogfest itself. And the winners will be chosen under the category:
1)       Art of sharing – best post of the month.
2)       Most creative post
3)       Most entertaining post
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