Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nostalgic Moments Blogfest (September)

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Blog Fest announcement!

Hello Bloggers,

Welcome to “Art of sharing - a Blogfest.” We have planned a blog fest “Nostalgic Moments” which will go on air from September 7, 2011 - September 24, 2011 on this page itself.

We would encourage each and every blogger to participate in this fest so that we can all share and read each other’s blogs.

What we have to do?

1. You have to write a blog post with a title “Nostalgic Moments” and you have to explain one moment which makes you nostalgic. Share anything and everything you want – be it a video, a photo, a song, a book, a person, a place, a story, a recipe or anything which you want to share with your fellow blogger. However, while sharing you have to explain why it makes you nostalgic. Be creative and share it with all of us.
2. Also use the Nostalgic Moments photo badge on your blog-post and a link back to this page.
3. That’s it! Publish it on your blog and submit the blog post’s link to Mr. Linky given below. You can read the other links (Other blogs), comment on them and enjoy the art of sharing.

Will there be any winner?

We are sharing Nostalgic Moments, so it won’t be fair for us to pick up the best blog post as we believe every person’s memories are valuable and no one can judge them. So, we will give away few badges -
  1. Most Creative Post (September)
  2. Most Entertaining Post (September)
So, what are you waiting for, write your Nostalgic moments and share it with fellow bloggers. Do not forget to post your link to Mr. Linky given below.

We would request all the participants to share below photo badge on your blog, spread the word about the fest and encourage your friend bloggers to participate.

      (Right Click on the photo, save image as)


Sneha,I congratulate u on this new venture..I hope this turns out to be a great blogging event.

Thanks for the invite, I just saw it as soon as I came back from work :) I commend you for your efforts and for the extended dates ;)... I'll share inshallah :)

added my link. Hope you got it!
This was the most exciting project so far

i will be adding mine soon ;)

A great idea Jen. Lemme see if I can contribute.


Mine is not titled nostalgic moments, but if you read it you'll realise it sure has nostalgia.
Thanks for the invite.

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